SC Wrestling News at Greenwood, SC Ironman

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Filipantouni vs Simons Greenwood Ironman
SCWN was at the Ironman Tournament in Greenwood, SC. Got an opportunity to talk with a few coaches and wrestlers. Watched a lot of wrestling and some of the matches that stuck with me was the featured match you can watch on the home page, with Joseph Filip Antoine from Westside High School in Anderson (Country Kids wrestling club, Coach Chris Borneman) and Keenan Simons who wrestles for Abbeville High School, Coach Anthony Martin. Both wrestlers showed great technique and determination. Filip Antoine was behind by one in the final period with seconds to go and pulled out a reversal at the end winning the match 15-14.

Minor vs Henson Greenwood IronmanAnother match between C.J. Minor from Belton Honea Path HS and Christhon Henson from Dorman HS out of Roebuck, SC. These two guys showed a lot of heart in this match with time on the side of C.J. Minor as a last second attempt by Henson was haulted giving the victory to C.J. Minor. I will get with the video guys to see if we can also get this posted… great match.

HS 112
Jonathan Johnson (Pitbull Wrestling), Thomas Stroud (CountryKids),
Trevor Clinkscales (Country Kids)
Greco:Jonathan Johnson (Pitbull), Trevor Clinkscales (Country Kids),
Thomas Stroud (Country Kids)

HS 119
Freestyle: Brodi Bertolini (96 High), William Ferguson (Greenville
Club), Cameron Freeman (Byrnes)
Greco: Brody Bertolini (96 High), Levi Heathery, Cody Bridgeman
(Country Kids)
Ironman-Brody Bertolini

HS 125
Folkstyle: Joey Antoine (Country Kids), Keenan Simmons (Abbeville),
Michael Callahan (Tough Time, MB)

HS 125/130

Freestyle: Josh Stephens, Kyle Lowe, Joey Antoine (Country Kids)
Greco: Josh Stephens, Akio Fujiwara, Kyle Lowe
HS 130
Folkstyle: Josh Stephens, Kyle Lowe, Jacob Romano (Woodmont AAU)
Ironman-Josh Stephens

HS 135
Freestyle: Derek Geiges, Jarrett White (Eastside), Joshua Williams
(Strong & Courageous)
Greco: Derek Geiges, Jarrett White (Eastside), Ben Rutherford

HS 135/140/145
Folkstyle: Sam Parkinson (Country Kids), Sid Gutierrez, 3-Way Tie for
3rd-Jarrett White (Eastside), Joshua Williams (Strong & Courageous)
Chase Willis

HS 140/145
Freestyle: Sam Parkinson (Country Kids), Tyler Platt, Nolan Ellis
Greco: Sam Parkinson (Country Kids), Tyler Platt, Nolan Ellis

HS 152/160
Freestyle: Christopher Minor (Country Kids), James Diaz (Strong &
Courageous), Christian Henson
Greco: James Diaz (Strong & Courageous), Christopher Minor (Country
Kids), Jacob Allen (Elite Wrestling Academy)
Folkstyle: Christopher Minor (Country Kids), Christian Henson, Jacob
Allen (Elite Wrestling Academy)

HS 171
Freestyle: Kacee Hutchinson (Strong & Courageous), Daniel Shaw (Wade
Hampton), Dillion Golden (Woodmont AAU)
Greco: Kacee Hutchinson (Strong & Courageous), Dillion Golden
(Woodmont AAU), Daniel Shaw (Wade Hampton)
Folkstyle: Kacee Hutchinson (Strong & Courageous), Dillion Golden
(Woodmont AAU), Daniel Shaw (Wade Hampton)
Ironman: Kacee Hutchinson

HS 189
Freestyle: Cody Johnson (Strong & Courageous), William Sutton, Levi
McMorris (Woodmont AAU)
Greco: William Sutton, Coburn Burroughs, Cody Johnson (Strong &
Folkstyle: William Sutton, Levi McMorris (Woodmont AAU), Cody Johnson
(Strong & Courageous)

HS 215/HWT
Freestyle: Deandre Abercrombie (Greenville), Eric Manns (Greenwood),
Elijah Byrd (Greenville)
Greco: Eric Mann (Greenwood), Elijah Byrd (Greenville), Deandre
Abercrombie (Greenville)
Folkstyle: Matthew Hudson (Tough Time), Eric Mann (Greenwood), Wesley

Freestyle & Greco: Aaron Spearman (Greenwood YMCA), Nathaniel Dembo
(Greenwood YMCA)

Midget 50-60
Freestyle: Jordan White (Eastside), Wilson Spearman (Greenwood YMCA),
Joseph Albeyta (Citadel)
Greco: Jordan White (Eastside), Joseph Albeyta (Citadel), Wilson
Spearman (Greenwood YMCA)
Folkstyle: Jordan White (Eastside), Asa Addison, Wilson Spearman
(Greenwood YMCA)

Novice 65-70
Freestyle: Jordan Smith (Eastside), Nathan Buchanan (Titan Wrestling
Academy), Christian Chesney (Junior Rebel Wrestling)
Greco: Jordan Smith (Eastside), Nathan Buchanan (Titan Wrestling),
Christian Chesney (Junior Rebel Wrestling)

Novice 85-95
Freestyle: Luke Rutherford, Paul Searcy (Strong & Courageous), Cole
Cooper (Greenwood YMCA)
Greco: Luke Rutherford, Jay Logan (Greenwood YMCA), Cole Cooper
(Greenwood YMCA)
Folkstyle: Dillion Martin (Tough Time), Luke Rutherford, Jacob Finney

Novice 95-130
Freestyle/Greco: Bailey Weaghington (96 Wrestling), Jay Logan
(Greenwood YMCA), Cole Cooper (Greenwood YMCA)
Ironman: Bailey Weaghington

MS 95-120
Freestyle: Steven Crowder (Greenwood YMCA), Cameron Fouch, John
Ferguson (Greenville)
Greco: Steven Crowder (Greenwood YMCA), John Ferguson (Greenville),
Cameron Fouch
Folkstyle: Steven Crowder (Greenwood YMCA), Bailey Weaghington (96
Wrestling), Ryals Andrew (Byrnes)
Ironman: Steven Crowder

MS 120-HWT
Freestyle: Bradley Weaghington (96 Wrestling), Ryals Andrew (Byrnes)
Greco: Bradley Weaghington (96 Wrestling), Ryals Andrew (Byrnes),
Steven Crowder (Greenwood YMCA)
Folkstyle: Bradley Weaghington (96 Wrestling), Ryals Andrew (Byrnes),
Devan Corey (Tough Time)
Ironman: Bradley Weaghington

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  1. Top Picture is Joseph Filip Antoine (from Country Kids)

  2. ranger79 says:

    Thanks for the correction!

  3. This is Awesome! Thank you so much for the coverage! Your feature match is Joey Antoine – CKW and CJ Minor, regular season he wrestles for BHP, right now he’s with CKW. Where can I get a SCWN tee?

  4. ranger79 says:

    You can get a SCWN tshirt at

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