South Carolina Wrestlers take 1st and 3rd in Junior Nationals – Brieanna Delgado and Jordan Wigger Results

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South Carolina Wrestler Brienna Delgado won a her second national championship to highlight the Junior Nationals women’s freestyle competition in the FargoDome. Delgado was awarded Outstanding Wrestler.

Delgado victorious over 2009 Junior Nationals champion Jenna Burkert of New York 1-0, 2-0 in the 132-pound finals making it her second straight championship in Fargo.

South Carolina Wrestling News (SCWN) was able to ask Brieanna some question on her experience at Fargo.

SCWN: How did you feel going into the tournament?
Delgado: After deciding to go 132, I felt great. I was not tired from cutting weight and was able to eat and drink. so I felt awesome.

SCWN: Do you get nervous before matches, especially the finals when you’re facing a tough opponent, Jenna Burkert of New York?
Delgado: I was not nervous before any of my matches until the finals. I kept it all inside and no one really knew.

SCWN: Did you do anything different in your training to prepare for the tournament?
Delgado: No,  I did not do anything different. I have been working out at Limestone College several times a week and they push me pretty hard.

SCWN: Does this Championship feel any different or mean any more than your previous?
Delgado: Every big win feels great, especially because I accomplished my goal that I worked hard for throughout the year.

SCWN: Where do you get your motivation and drive?
Delgado: Well it is kind of silly, but my motivation comes from my sister (Brittany) because she has won Fargo twice and most people say we are alike but I want to show them that I can be better than her and go for a 3 peat.

SCWN: What’s next and your goals for the future?
Delgado: I want to get through my senior year of high school, then back to Fargo and then to college.

SCWN: What would you like to see from girls that are wrestling?
Delgado: I would really like to see more girls wrestling Freestyle. I’m all for folkstyle because wrestling is wrestling, but freestyle will get you into college, and travel the country and the world.

2010 ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships
Women’s Freestyle

Women – 132 Results
1st Place – Brienna Delgado of South Carolina
2nd Place – Jenna Burkert of New York
3rd Place – Alli Ragan of Illinois
4th Place – Kerstin Harmon of Ohio
5th Place – Anna McAleavey of Texas
6th Place – Jessica Brenton of Wyoming
7th Place – Sharice Schnell of Wisconsin
8th Place – Alyssa Luna of California

1st Place Match
Brienna Delgado (South Carolina) over Jenna Burkert (New York) Dec 1-0,2-0
3rd Place Match
Alli Ragan (Illinois) over Kerstin Harmon (Ohio) Dec 2-0,3-0
5th Place Match
Anna McAleavey (Texas) over Jessica Brenton (Wyoming) Dec 1-1,5-0

South Carolina wrestler Jordan Wigger also successful in the FargoDome capturing 3rd Place defeating Holden Gagner from Montana (TF 7-1, 6-0).

SCWN: How did you feel going into the tournament?
Wigger: Going into the tournament I was pretty confident about getting the All American status, to me it was just a matter of where I would end up on the podium.

SCWN: Do you get nervous before matches, especially with the level of competition?
Wigger:  There is always some nerves, but I’ve been wrestling for 12 years now, most of them close to or at this level of competition, so I’ve learned to deal with it.

SCWN: What type of training or practicing did you do to prepare for the tournament?
Wigger:  As far as training goes, it was basically run, lift, sleep, and wrestle. I spent a lot of time pounding the pavement to get my endurance up, and I went to the Fargo Prep Camp at the Citadel. The clinicians had lots of technique to help me prepare for Fargo.

SCWN: Where do you get your motivation and drive?
Wigger: I’m really competitive, whether its playing a board game or pickup football. I hate to lose, and in a sport like wrestling, losing is the worst feeling you can experience.

SCWN: What’s next and your goals for the future?
Wigger: Well next year I would love to win Fargo. Obviously, with 2 state championships under my belt and 2 years left, I want to be a 4 timer. Finally I think that I will go to an international tournament next year, because I qualified to be on the US Junior Team.

SCWN: Wrestling is an individual sport, but a lot of people are involved in the success of a wrestler. Who are some of the individuals that have helped you to this point in your wrestling career.
Wigger: Well obviously my parents, my dad especially, because he flies with me to every tournament, and he has been my coach from the start, Coach Ragan from the Citadel has helped me a lot through club practices and camps, my high school coach, Darryl Tucker, has helped me to get the mental side of wrestling under control also, and finally, the wrestling community of South Carolina. I get a lot of support on message boards and in person, and it helps to remind me of what kind of impact I’m making.

Wigger: I want to encourage as many people to come out to places like Fargo, where the level of competition is higher than in SC, as early in their careers as possible. Exposure to competition at this level opens people’s eyes to the reality of what is really possible, of what is really out there, of how big the world really is. It is an experience they should have before their junior and senior years, when it will be too late for them to really make any changes they might want.

2010 ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

Junior – 105 Results
1st Place – Ross Spencer of Connecticut
2nd Place – Ruben Navejas of Washington
3rd Place – Jordan Wigger of South Carolina
4th Place – Holden Gagner of Montana
5th Place – Justin Lombardo of Oklahoma
6th Place – Manny Marin of California

1st Place Match
Ross Spencer (Connecticut) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 1-1,3-1
3rd Place Match
Jordan Wigger (South Carolina) over Holden Gagner (Montana) TF 7-1,6-0
5th Place Match
Justin Lombardo (Oklahoma) over Manny Marin (California) Fall 5-1,4-6,0:32
7th Place Match
Colby Knight (Iowa) over Michael Bedard (North Carolina) Dec 4-0,0-7,1-1

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  1. Coach Ingram says:

    Congratulations to both Brieanna.
    I saw a link on that had Brieanna ranked as the #1 recruit in womens wrestling in the upcoming recruiting class.

  2. Coach Ingram says:

    Meant to say Congrats to both Jordan and Brieanna.

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